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Today I am launching one more page with name of Motivation. Yes that is not a Technical thing but in my point of view. If you are not motivated you are not able to learn any thing. Main reason is, as I took some interviews and after that, I feel many of interviewers are afraid, I do not know why and some did not know where they are going. They are not motivated. In my personal experience, I learn one thing, if you are motivated you will search out the right direction. So I decided with Technology blogs, I will start video lectures which will be available in future but currently I started videos in which I will share with you, how I get motivation. In these videos I am sharing with you my personal experiences and experiments. So there is a possibility you are not agree with these.

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  • U Want To Learn + Motivation Ready for Office On Monday:
    Now today is Monday 20 April 2015 and I am ready for Office.


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