Design Patterns

Arrogant Design Patterns:

  • Introduction to Arrogant Design Patterns
  • Creational Patterns
    1. Factory
      • When we can see Inheritance/Polymorphism in our code. (50%)
      • Inherit class creation depends on some logic or enums. (50%)
    2. Abstract Factory
    3. Builder
      • Mandatory VS Optional
      • Any requirement in which we will select individual items and later we will check out those items in the form of an Order.
      • A requirement in which we will select individual items and later we will build or manufacture some object. Like Car Manufacturing, or Cooking.
    4. Object Pool
    5. Prototype
    6. Singleton
  • Structural Patterns
    1. Adapter
      • Anywhere we can see the two different or incompatible API’s we can create an Adapter class to resolve the problem.
    2. Bridge
    3. Composite
    4. Decorator
      • Decorator Design Pattern is an inheritance + composition in the same class.
    5. Facade
    6. Flyweight
    7. Proxy
  • Behavioral Patterns
    1. Chain of responsibility
    2. Command
    3. Interpreter
    4. Iterator
    5. Mediator
    6. Null Object
    7. Observer
    8. State
    9. Strategy
    10. Template Method
    11. Visitor
  • Architectural Patterns
    1. MVC
    2. MVP
    3. MVVM
    4. VA/IPER
    5. MVI


Now we are starting to learn design patterns. About design pattern i did not give you any standard definition.
Only i tell you what i think about that. I think design patterns are the ways how to tackle different situations in your design/code which already faced our seniors and they make some solutions which are very good.
Now before starting the design patterns, here I tell you some thing about design pattern.
The biggest issue which mostly people face is that they know many design patterns, but they don’t know where they use. Means there are many situations where we can use some design pattern which we know, but we did not use. And many times there are many situations where we use any wrong design pattern.
So my personal opinion, design patterns are very easy, the main issue is how and when we use, which design pattern.
So I also try in every design pattern to make any real world scenario, where I try to fit our design pattern.
OK Lets start.

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