New Era of Rx

Hello Readers, Today, I am going to start a new page on my website about Rx. Here we will do two things.

1. Learning Rx
2. Implementation of Rx in real scenarios

Here, our expectation from the readers, they already know about the basics of Rx.
If you are a beginner, I will recommend reading my other series on Rx first.

  1. Observer Pattern Part1
  2. Pull vs Push & Imperative vs Reactive Part2
  3. Functional Interfaces, Default Methods, { Higher Order – Pure – Side Effects in } + Functions, Im + { Mutable } , Lambda Expression & Functional Programming Part3
  4. War against Learning Curve of Rx Java 2 + Java 8 Stream Part4
  5. Dialogue between Rx Observable and a Developer (Me) Part5
  6. Continuation (Summer vs Winter Observable) of Dialogue between Rx Observable and a Developer (Me) Part6
  7. Continuation (Observable Marriage Proposal to Observer) of Dialogue between Rx Observable and a Developer (Me) Part7
  8. Confusion between Subject and Observable + Observer Part8

Now, how “Learning Rx” and “Implementation of Rx in real scenarios,” both will intersect each other?
We will take real-world scenarios or maybe application requirements which we will implement in Rx. This part belongs to “Implementation of Rx in real scenarios.”
As we know, we need to use some construct from Rx in this implementation; we will create a separate blog of that construct that will belong to “Learning Rx.”


  • In a real scenario example, we are not allowed to use the Imperative Code.
  • Learning Rx posts will contain those operators which we will use in Real Scenarios.

Learning Rx:

Implementation of Rx in real scenarios:

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